“... It is still really quiet here ... ”

The former estate “De Darthuizerberg” is located in the wooded hilly landscape of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug National Park near the town of Leersum. Access to the vast forests of the Darthuizerberg is an experience in itself and there, at the end of the semi-paved forest avenue, amidst the forests of the nature reserve, stands the Darthuizer Lodge. The Darthuizer Lodge gives the real outdoor feeling. It offers a view over the pasture with horses amidst the beautiful forests. The area offers the opportunity for endless walking and cycling.

The Darthuizer Lodge is equipped with luxury and comfort and offers the opportunity to relax. It is also wonderful to enjoy a good night’s sleep in Royal Auping beds. In the vicinity there are many attractions: the nature reserve is rich in ancient estates and castles and also offers many activities for children.

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